Wild Woman Ways And How To Connect Back With Your Bravery

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Tara Jo

Ghostly from neglect buried over by over domestication, outlawed by the surrounding culture. You may have forgotten her name but she knows yours and deep in your bones, in your soul, if you listen you can hear her calls…

A wild woman feels this deep in her soul, an edge in her that is always present a rebellious nature that can not be tamed, a wild mistress that will not be told.

This is your true state, a power to be reckoned with. A powerful warrior with a kind spirit.

It is time to reach out to the world and take back the shards of your soul that have broken off your beautiful being. It is time to rebirth yourself back into that wild woman.

We are the most powerful creatures that walk this earth…we create life! Use this power to rebirth your own soul into this world, you may have forgotten your gifts, but I see them in you… I see you, you are fucking MAGICAL!

To all the women who hear this call I urge you to join me in the work. Learn to sit with yourself, be ok with you because you are divine. Use your powerful intuition to give your body and soul what it needs. Say yes to the deepest longings of your heart, no longer judge yourself for what you want and instead just say yes.

I encourage you to sit in ceremony with other women, to allow them to speak into your heart, to be brave enough to show your wild woman.

Put your bare feet on the earth and connect with the greatest feminine energy there is, she will show you the way.

Give your self permission NOW to break free and no longer worry about judgement or ridicule… other wild women will do nothing but encourage you, you are not alone.

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