My Cherokee Indian roots and Finding Our Way As Women

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Tara Jo

My great Grandmother was a beautiful, powerful Cherokee Indian Woman and it gives me so much pride to know my heritage is sacred and connected to the land. I am also grateful that from birth my connection with the land was strong, I was not taken from the land and programmed to conform, I was in fact removed from society often to go walkabout on Aboriginal land.

Even still I have had to do a lot of work to de-program my self from the damage that society has caused, the pressure to look a certain way, to have the 9-5 job, to be a soft gentle female, to be in a good relationship, to have children… the list goes on.

It was hard for me and I was a girl who was raised pretty much gender neutral by my father, he taught me everything he knows, from cars, carpentry, camping, electronics, welding, stock trading to cooking and cleaning. He never once muttered anything about it being a man or woman job!

But even I still had to do the work… because unfortunately, even I was not immune to the barricade of advertising, social pressure, workplace harassment or the multiple harrowing #metoo situations that seemed to come into my life way too young and no matter how protected I was…

My point here is this – it’s not your fault that you don’t like yourself, it’s not your fault that you feel worthless or shameful, it’s not your fault that you feel powerless BUT it’s in our control how we respond… We get to choose how much we allow these things to become our truth. To be honest it’s fucking hard to choose to make a positive emotion out of a negative.

But women have GRIT BABY! and I encourage you to use this natural born gift to rewrite your internal dialogue. No one will do this FOR you and people may have done things TO you, but you are not a victim anymore…

The following words are so powerful if said from a place of love and light, this is part of my mantra that I want to share with you today:

I am the divine feminine
I come from love every day
I am more than my external body
I am my number one priority
I have no enemies only lessons
I am powerful and untamable
I am a force to be reckoned with
I am woman
I am…

Your new internal dialogue starts with bringing your awareness to your current one and then making the aligned action to reprogram your self every day until the positive outweighs the negative and then you keep going until you are untouchable!

I know you can do this


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