Lean and Strong With Fats

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Tara Jo

Any one of my clients will tell you that I’m in love with fats, I can’t recommend a high-fat diet highly enough. If you have read my other article “Fats for Fat Loss” you will understand the benefits of having fat in your diet, but let’s cover some other benefits of a high-fat life.

The overwhelming consensus from my clients and what I can attest to myself is the huge boost of energy and vitality you will feel. When you rid yourself of a high carb diet and replace those carbs with fat the change in energy is phenomenal.

Whether you are about to start a training regime or you are already a gym junkie, the huge increase in energy from this diet change, will step you up your training to a whole other level of energy.

Your body will learn to use fats efficiently as a fuel source, with this comes balanced blood sugar levels and hormone levels, which means no major drop in energy when you’re hungry. I know I kind of feel invincible and anyone else that trains hard and lives the high-fat life does too ?

This energy boost means you can train so much harder and for so much longer. The men I train especially love this feeling, even if they aren’t that muscular yet there is nothing quite like that feeling of endless energy, it gives you that boost to keep pushing through a tough workout and it gives you that swagger in your step ?

On a high fat, high protein diet, you will get leaner and stronger! I sit at 17% body fat all year round with high muscle density. I maintain this by eating a lot of HIGH FAT food!

So I thought I would share what I eat in a day and how I train, to show how much you can eat with a high-fat lifestyle, this doesn’t feel like a diet and to be honest I think DIET is a dirty word. I’ve never dieted, I just eat whole foods and train hard.

So if this sounds like a good lifestyle then take a look at my food intake and training regime for a day……


I normally start my day with training, I also train fasted most days. So when I wake up I have filtered water and my vitamins. I then make my smoothie and take it with me to eat around 12pm. Fasted workouts encourage my body to burn any stored fat and it also encourages my liver to use its store of glycogen levels (which I will touch on in my next blog)

Leg day:

Leg press 15 reps x4sets
Superset with
Hamstring curls 15 reps x4sets

Hip thrusts 15 reps x4sets
Standing curls 15 reps x4sets

Lunges 10 reps each leg x4 sets


Breakfast: Protein smoothie with ‘Prana‘ vegan protein powder, a large handful of spinach, 250ml coconut milk, liquid fish oil, half a banana, teaspoon of natural nut butter, teaspoon coconut oil, cocoa powder, maca powder (for energy, endurance and hormonal balance).

Snack: 2 hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: three cups of chopped iceberg lettuce, half a cup of lentils, one medium tin of tuna, one diced tomato, half a diced red onion, two tablespoons of whole egg mayonnaise, half an avocado.

Dinner: Salmon steak, with green beans & butter beans cooked in butter and garlic, with a side of spinach.


Weight: 67.9 Kgs

Body fat % 17.7

BMI: 22.9

Skeletal Muscle mass: 31.2Kg

Macro ratios:
Lean And Strong With Fats

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