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Habits of success

Consistency breeds not only our character but also our success. When we look to transform any area of our life, our success lies in what we do on a consistent basis! In your first week we show you how to form the habits and rituals that directly impact your thoughts, behaviour and the energy you foster each day.


Clarity and Identifying Your Why

In your second week, we give you clarity in all areas of your life! With Clarity comes certainty, with certainty comes success. In this module, you will be setting your intentions for what it is that you want from your life and why you want it. When you know why you are doing something and are clear on your outcomes, the only way for you to fail is to quit!

Foundations Of Abundance

Without a solid foundation we fall down, so in week two we will remove your scarcity programming as we teach you to remove limiting beliefs and set up your morning ritual to prepare you for the life of your dreams. We do this by delving deep into your subconscious wiring, as we bring awareness to negative patterns we are able to re-wire you for success.


Money Mastery

How we think about and manage our money directly impacts our relationship with wealth.  In week three we remove your blocks around money so we can rewire your money mindset to allow more abundance to flow to you. Learning these key fundamentals and processes will help you not only re-wire your mind but also your bank account.

Universal Laws

Here we uncover the universal laws of abundance and teach you how to tap into and use them, to create the life of your dreams. Having awareness and understanding of universal laws and how to work with them is crucial to life mastery and success.


Manifesting Magic

Learn the 3 step formula to manifesting your heart’s desires. Hint – If you can BELIEVE it and act in alignment with that which you desire, manifesting magic becomes easy. Now that you have absolute clarity on what it is you want, it is time we introduce you to the techniques to energetically align yourself with your desires.

Sovereign Relationships

In Sovereign Relationships, we dig deep as we work on your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, money and how mastering these areas of your life directly impacts the levels of abundance you are able to experience.


Life Inflow

Who says you have to work harder to have the life you want? Whether it be athletes, musicians or others at the top of your game, knowing how to get in touch with your inner genius to produce your best work allows more of the good things in life to flow to you and through you.

Bonus Section

Life On Your Terms

Now that you have all the tools you need to step into full abundance, it is time to create your life by design the way you have always wanted it.

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