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The Collective:

Join us as we work towards raising the consciousness of the planet.

Conscious Coaching Intl have collectively dedicated our lives to raising our own consciousness as we expand our reach across the globe helping others to do the same.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience true abundance, love and freedom.. True abundance is happiness in ALL aspects of our lives and fulfilment in everything that we do.

Abundance is our NATURAL STATE and as we help others to remember and embody this truth, we are helping others to step into their power.

When we create from a truly abundant space, we contribute our greatest gifts into the world.

Awaken Your Potential


Discover and Fulfil Your Purpose



Raise Your Frequency



Create Financial Abundance



Live a Life by Design



Make Your Impact on the World


Our Programs

Thought Leaders


“The desires of your heart, the ones that  frustrate you when they feel out of your reach. That frustration is there to drive you to fulfil your soul’s purpose!”

David is a visionary leader with a passion to change the world through Conscious Coaching. David has worked with some of the highest performing sales and marketing companies in the world as a leader in sales and team building.

David and his team work together as leaders in business strategy for growth and scalability, to help business owners and entrepreneurs have the support and mindset they need to remain in their zone of genius, whilst the details of deliverance are worked out for them.

As a leader in conscious coaching himself, David has built and scaled his own coaching practices by delivering leveraged online programs. In his mission to help raise wealth consciousness, he has created a model that not only provides tools and mentoring in abundance, but also a vehicle to join forces through this platform to enable you to earn reoccurring income by leading others to this movement in Abundance.


“The re-birth of connection for each human being, begins with healing and self-reflection”

Tara is an intuitive healer and holistic health professional, she works with her clients to change their health in a dynamic and unique way.

Tara has worked extensively in helping her clients reduce stress & anxiety, lose weight & correct hormonal imbalances through her unique style of intuitive coaching.

Working professionally as a sports and health consultant alongside her studies in botany, nutrition and naturopathy has given her a holistic understanding of the bodies needs.

With her Functional Flow Health Program Tara is able to deliver transformative healing of the mind, body and soul; while gently guiding each client to their true potential through removing emotional blocks and unhealthy behaviours.

Tara focuses on helping her clients feel good with a deep knowing that once a person feels good, it has a powerful flow on effect.


Happy Customers.

Getting started with David was the best decision I’ve made not only for myself, but for the business and even those around me. It has enabled me to grow mentally and emotionally, optimizing myself in more ways that I could have even hoped for.

My belief that everything starts from within has been solidified with this program, growing the business is like a bonus. Dave’s insights, knowledge, inspiration and guidance is second to none. I couldn’t recommend a program more highly. You’re not treated like another number but like a god waiting to be unleashed, you might not realize until you start and your potential is laid out in front of you. Thanks again Dave, Legend!”

Michael Stockhammer

NLP Coach and Owner, Hammr Fitness

Dave inspired me to not only live and give my fullest gift for the world, but introduced me to the idea that I could create a lifestyle and income around doing so. Because David saw this in me and inspired me to make a real choice to commit to a future of being in control of my income while doing what fulfils me, I‘m now earning more money in a month than I would normally earn in a year, living in a brand new high-rise apartment and traveling when I want, where I want and on a mission that is on it’s way to impacting millions of lives for good. He’s not afraid to be direct and he’ll give you a slap if you need it… with his gigantic heart”

Kaleb Bollen

Head Trainer, Global Transformatrix

I have NEVER been happier in my life! I see and find joy in everything around me and because of that everything feels like a gift! I have a home based business that has the opportunity to grow into a multi million dollar business and will allow me to take other amazing women with me and that is where I will begin this journey to financial abundance. I cannot tell you how much things have changed for me in such a short amount of time so I can hardly imagine what the rest of this year has in store for me! I am excited to be sharing this journey with a tribe of abundant humans and am grateful beyond measure for the guidance of David!”  

April Leinin Vinin

Consultant, Rodan & Fields

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